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Add-on vs. Parked Domains

Add-on vs. Parked Domains


Characteristic Addon Domains Parked Domains
Main domain appears in the browser’s address bar Yes No
Apache directive used VirtualHost ServerAlias
Separate logs Yes No
Separate stats Yes No
Treated as a subdomain (other than URL) Yes No
Ideal for multiple domains sharing the same content No Yes



The primary difference can be simplistically viewed as:

  • An Addon Domain is it’s own separate website, accessible through your hosting account’s control panel
  • A Parked Domain is just another domain associated with the same website. Depending on how you configure your website files and settings, the same site may be accessible via both domains

In some instances where you are storing a domain with no intention of using it in the near future, you may have many domains pointing to an empty website or “parked domain” page. However, if you intend to make use of the domain in the future, we would encourage you to park it in a discrete fashion, e.g., not sharing the same content with any other domain.

If you’ve bought a domain that is a variation of your business name or primary website’s domain, we would typically encourage you to redirect the various domains to your primary website. You can read about redirecting a domain here.

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