Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

October Hosting is a locally owned and operated, family owned business. We have chosen to eschew the modern mega-corporation model of tech support (which typically requires many low-wage front line “helpdesk” technicians who know little more than how to answer the phone and read a script or knowledgebase, usually resulting in time saved for the corporation’s senior technicians, at the customer’s expense). We’re real people with real customer relationships, we have a realistic attitude towards tech support. While our average response time is mere minutes, our Service Level Agreement [“SLA”] is as follows:

  • Response window is 6 hours during regular business hours on business days
  • Response window is 8 hours at all other times including nights, weekends and holidays

In addition, we are bound by the SLA’s of our upstream providers. For example, we lease bandwidth connectivity from a number of the USA’s premiere network service providers. In the event that one of them experiences a network issue beyond our control, we are bound by their performance and SLA.

We do not offer money-back guarantees or uptime credit.

However we also utilize redundant service providers, equipment, software and services to mitigate potential losses should a single service fail and to deliver the best possible connectivity, reliability and uptimes. Additionally, we don’t buy in to vendor lock-in leases so if a vendors fails us we are able to rapidly transition to another vendor.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality and value of our services.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Here’s a testimonial on the benefit of our personal support approach compared to the corporate enterprise model:

You told me more and saved me more time in 5 minutes today than [other large US hosting company’s tech support] did in 5 hours

– S. W.